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In 1978 founder of the company Late Engr. Md. Nurul Haque Patwary started his journey as an entrepreneur and laid the foundation of Yosuf Flour Mills ltd. Later in 1984, his engineering background motivates him to invest on country's construction industry sector and hence the journey of Mohammadi Steel Works Ltd (MSW) started.

During that period of hardship the company was managed by Sayeda Momtaz Ara Haque until 2010, and helps the company to overcome various challenges with the help of skilled, honest employees. Later the company management was taken over by two sons the founder. Since then they have diversified the company's production and prepared to serve the nation with great commitment.
Products Price
Product Size Price
M.S D-formed Bar 12mm,500w BDT
M.S D-formed Bar 16mm,500w BDT
M.S D-formed Bar 20mm,500w BDT
M.S D-formed Bar 25mm,500w BDT
M.S D-formed Bar 32mm,500w BDT
M.S D-formed Bar 40mm,500w BDT
Up Comming Products Up Comming Products Up Comming Products
M.S Billet 90x90mm BDT
M.S Billet 100x100mm BDT
Angle 50x50x3 BDT
Angle 50x50x4 BDT
Angle 50x50x5 BDT
Angle 50x50x6 BDT
Angle 63x63x5 BDT
Angle 75x75x8 BDT
Angle 75x75x9 BDT