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Modern business largely depends on creativity and innovation which play major roles in the development of business. A close look at the strategies which are employed in today’s business would reveal how creativity and innovation concept help the companies in winning the competition games. Today, innovation takes on a whole new meaning. Looking back at the history of management for the last 50 years you’ll quickly realize that “management” was designed to solve a very specific problem from today? how to perform certain things in a repetitive fashion and controlled manager as they increase the scale both locally and internationally. It is about building a giant ship with is bigger and more efficient than others. It also carries a lot of sailors and passengers and everyone need to be on board and stay there throughout the journey.

Our success in maintaining competitiveness in fast changing markets is due to our strongest point to be innovative. We are fully committed Our explanation for innovation is that creativity and connectivity is making it possible to amplify and aggregate human imaginations and to R&D meeting effectively the most pressing requirements of today’s steelmaking. We are looking at confronting the challenge of capabilities in ways never possible before. Our discipline of managing processes in innovation is related with our Innovation Management. innovation when decades or management practices and system were designed to improve efficiency and building scale and scope as well Our designers and engineers are highly motivated to cooperate with a common understanding of goals and processes as maintaining control.