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The tasks of the rolling process of MAW grade 500W rebar is to create a layer of martensite at bar surface with a predetermined depth by partial water quenching and to temper the crude martensite formed at the surface by the residual heat flowing from core to the surface during final air cooling. MSW targted to contribute to the local construction industry with various types of quality steel products and wants to reduce the dependency on imported steel product.

At a glance of mohammadi steel
Three decades since the establishment of MSW, they had a great journey in order 
to get where they are now and today. MSW is a recognized name in the market 
because of its value added products and commitment’s to the market stake holders.
Their production unit is located in Shimrail, Demra, Dhaka. The company is 
currency focusedto set up manufacturing unit of Angels, Girders, Beams, Section 
profiles, Chequered plates and TM Bars.
MSW is committed to work with owners, designers, employees, etc. to keep up 
with the standard process in order to meet design requirements and the critical 
nature of costs and schedules.